i take incredible care with this tincture. 

i like to harvest dandelion roots on the first new moon of early spring

before even the earliest new leaves can be found.

the plant's full potential has been stored in the roots during winter dormancy

and the roots have endured + survived the weather.

they are wild foraged from clean, remote land. 

i triple wash and scrub the roots 

before tincturing them fresh + long steeping them in grain alcohol 

for several months in the cool dark. 

firstly, dandelion root cleans out the liver so thoroughly that it's not typically a good choice for those actively taking pharmaceuticals.


dandelion is the specific of choice for liver + gallbladder troubles. 

it works extremely well. 

if you're full of stones it could work a little too well and may be contraindicated.

dandelion root cleanses the gall pathways and the gall itself.

it increases the flow of bile and thus can be useful for chronic constipation,

especially if there is poor digestion (especially of fats) and dry skin.

it's also specific to spleen and pancreas imbalances.

as such, dandelion root can be used to keep blood sugar nice and even.

(there are limitations to using this safely and responsibly so please message me)

a note on liver/ gb physiology:

keep in mind that bile is a viscous liquid that pulls toxicity into itself 

from the surrounding liver as it travels through its set pathways. 

sludge and stones can be from toxicity overwhelming the bile,

causing it to thicken, harden and crystallize. 

also keep in mind, your bile is recycled. it's not being constantly remade.

the turbid aspects go out with solid wastes and the rest goes back to the beginning. 

sludge + stone problems can also be from excess cholesterol 

from lifestyle choices that should be amended (weight + diet)

but at the same time, this can be a constitutional (or hereditary) issue. 

a healthy liver should be able to manage cholesterol nicely. 

if it's a problem, we see the root. 

whether it's a lifestyle issue or a constitutional imbalance, 

dandelion root should prove to be effective

perhaps in combination with other herbs specific to your situation. 

a note on female liver/gb considerations:

gallbladder sludge + stones can also be triggered by hormonal fluctuations and imbalances.

this is why post menopausal women or women going through menopause can experience sudden gallbladder strife. 

cleaning out the liver properly can also detox 'dirty estrogens' and old hormones that overwhelm the liver.

it's easy for the liver to get overwhelmed and not effectively cleanse the body of hormones that are no longer needed. 

not only can this cause hormonal imbalance (at any age) but it makes for a hellish menopause. 

you can end up with thyroid strife from dirty blood, hot flashes, night sweats, emotional disturbance,

all kinds of trouble. it's a liver issue at the root, the hormone issues stem from there secondarily. 

if your filter is dirty, your blood is dirty. 

your endocrine system literally reads your blood and responds accordingly.

you see how this can get complicated, but the root is simple. 


many gut imbalances are rooted in liver troubles.

that being said, dandelion also improves the 'environmental' aspect of the gut on many levels. 

dandelion root is an exemplary gut remedy for re balancing gut flora.

it feeds good strains (pre + probiotic) 

and changes the internal environment to deny unhelpful strains a suitable space in which to thrive. 

this is a great example of changing the environment to get the results you want

as opposed to 'killing the bad bacteria' with antibiotic measures. 

tincture is good for this purpose but including some dandelion root tea would also be a good idea. 

'new batteries' and 'good morning grouchy' are two excellent tea blends to support this endeavor.

tentatively i mention that dandelion is the only plant i've found cross cultural, historical- present case studies 

where it's been remedial in balancing patterns of mania/depression.

i mention this as a consideration that brain chemistry is potentially rooted in the gut.

there are many people seeking tiny doses of certain choice fungi to explore such connections.

adding dandelion root to this regimen helps rewire from the bottom up while the other aspect addresses the top-down. 


dandelion root is in my detox tincture formulas, which have extensive descriptions on them.

i've used these formulas safely and effectively for many years 

and have been astounded with the success clients have enjoyed from a gentle, thorough cleaning. 

it's worth mentioning that 'detox' does not mean strongly inducing bowel movements. 

there's a chance that dandelion root could cause noteworthy change in this realm. 

it shouldn't be problematic or dosage is the issue. start on a weekend if you're worried about it, 

but starting with a 5 drop dose and slowly working your way up to what works for you is best.

on the same note, it will make your urine dirty so don't be surprised. 


a liver in need of attention can easily result in anxiety + depression imbalances. 

excess toxicity is hard on your system and directly effects your chemical balance. 

it's not as simple as alcohol consumption, though that's a common first thought. 

toxins from processed foods, environmental factors like pesticides, medicines, 

digestive byproducts, unrecognized food allergies etc need help exiting the system completely. 

true detox involves a vector to bind and excrete the stuck toxicity. it's not as simple as 'flushing them out'.

they need an escort. another important consideration, the body recycles stress many stress chemicals.

if your liver is overburdened and especially if your sleep is disturbed, your system may need help cleaning 

those chemicals out of your system and putting them back in storage. 

this vicious cycle keeps you in fight or flight mode to some degree. very hard on the system.

a good detox formula (if you're not medicated) 

and a good nervine like skull cap or blue vervain can really turn things around. 

it's just a matter of being specific and intentional in addressing your presentation pattern.


most skin imbalances stem from a liver issue and or unknown food allergies. message me



i've used my general detox tincture (cleavers, yarrow, stinging nettle + dandelion root) with ko'd for even the most deeply inlaid insomnia troubles. 

it takes about two rounds of tincture to get to the heart of it, but progress is prompt. 

this is a matter of cleaning out the liver and rebalancing the nervous system, and thus, circadian rhythms. 


dandelion has been reliable support for those with prostate troubles

i consult for free so you can have the most minimal, effective + safe remedy/regimen to suit your specific needs.


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