DARK STAR EXTRACT - Certified organic vegetable glycerin

Makes a wonderful substitute for honey in a cup of tea  before bedtime.

Digestive support, relaxation, boosting your immune system and promoting a restful nights sleep.

????Peppermint- soothe an upset stomach and aid digestion. Also treats headaches, nausea, cramps and anxiety associated with depression.

????Chamomile- calming, bitter (digestive), antispasmodic (mild gut and cramps), anti-inflammatory, tastes sweet and floral.

????Licorice Root- famously used to heal ulcers and address digestion issues. Very soothing and also contains adaptogenic qualities, meaning it helps the body adapt to stress.

????Ceylon Cinnamon- antiviral, warming, aids in digestion

????Chaga Mushroom (polypore)-grows on birch trees in very cold weather and contains high concentrations of antioxidant melanin which can help protect the skin from sun damage.Melanins have a role in DNA repair and in particular have high anti-inflammatory effects based on their gene protecting properties. Which means it does an awesome job fighting free radicals to help slow oxidative stress!

???? I purchase Chaga from Mountain Rose and is sustainably farmed.

This is so sweet and calming. Tastes unbelievably delicious!✨

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Dark Star Digestive Support

California, US
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Hello! Welcome to my shop! Fungi + Branches was created by Hope Allen, a Santa Cruz, California local. Hope is a blossoming Herbalist, a lover of animals, nature and mushrooms. Hope creates her mushroom blends grown from a local farm in sunny Monterey County. Always using the whole fruiting body and the highest quality organic cane ethanol for extractions. Created with love and care from the heart of nature!