Dried Datura inoxia* whole young plants

Moonflower, Pricklyburr, Downy Thornapple, Jimson Weed, Angel's Trumpet, Devil's Trumpet

Whole dried young plants (leaves, stems, roots) that had to be thinned, because they were growing too close together.

Other Datura parts are listed for sale in separate listings.

Organically grown in my backyard garden in Montana.

Harvested in June and July 2022

*The scientific name is often cited as Datura innoxia. When English botanist Philip Miller first described the species in 1768, he misspelled the Latin word innoxia (inoffensive) when naming it D. inoxia. Other synonyms for D. inoxia are D. fastuosa, D. metel, and D. meteloides. Datura wrightii is a similar but different species. D. inoxia has all-white flowers and all ten tips poke out. D. wrightii may have lavender tinged flowers and only every other tip of the flower pokes out (five tips instead of ten).

Datura Inoxia WHOLE DRIED PLANTS DRIED Leaves Stems Roots Dried Moonflower Thornapple Herb 2022 Harvest Montana United States Grown

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Montana, US
Montana Moonflowers
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Growing mostly Moonflower (Datura inoxia) in my backyard garden in Montana. My shop is offering Datura flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, and capsules.