Elderberry has been a go to herb for people worldwide. However Blue Elderberry is especially effective, it can reduce your chance of catching the flu and other viruses. Did you know that by using local wild or grown herbs, they are more effective for us? When used while sick with influenza, it lessens the duration and severity of the infection. In fact, Sambucus nigra spp caerulea is one of the most effective antiviral and immune-boosting botanicals you can use, which is supported by abundant research. It’s safe for children and I use it with my own kids as a tincture or syrup. The flowers are known to reduce inflammation, drain mucous, and encourage perspiration. It just so happens to ripen during the fall, making it especially useful in preventing illness. This is for informational purposes only, not intended to diagnose treat or cure any disease. These grow on my property in beautiful eastern Oregon. They are sustainably harvested by my own hands. We do not use pesticides on our land. This listing is for 1 ounce of dried berries.

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Welcome to Beauty Barrel LLC. We create skincare products tailored to your needs and desires. From adult gag gifts, to aging well face creams, we can make it. Not only is our founder a cosmetic formulator, but also an herbalist. All of our botanical extracts are made in house. Our products are made in small batches to ensure the best of quality. Contact us if you have a custom product you are interested in.

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