Double Cell Whole fruiting body of naturally cured Wild Harvest Chaga. Handled with the upmost care. This could be Great as a showpiece of natures art in your home, or a fascinating learning tool for insight into the world of Chaga mushrooms.

ALSO this specimen would be wonderful to work with to learn how to break down and process medicinal mushrooms on your own!

As always,

Catskill Wild harvests at optimal time from pristine forests to maximize your health benefits.

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Catskill Wild
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Certified Wild Foraged Goods Crafts & Services!

Expertly harvested from pristine environments in the Catskill Mountains and Beyond with intuitive wisdom all the while following a detailed code of ethics. Catskill Wild understands you should not settle for anything less then absolute benefit.

We strive to provide as nature organically intends💚🌈

Please check back and enjoy our photo journalistic nature photography popping up periodically as our cover art! 😃 Presently featured… “Pine Giants”

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