These black morels have been harvested responsibly from the North Woods of Minnesota in May 2023.

They are picked, sprayed with an air compressor to remove any pollen or leaves that may be hanging on, and into the dehydrator the same day.

You will receive just one ounce per lot (I always slip a few extras in to test while cooking).

To rehydrate simply let the morels soak in cold water. Warm water will work, but the texture isn't as firm when you go to cook them up. A great way to help them stay firm is to soak them in a small bowl of water in the fridge for an hour prior to cooking.

Morels have a wonderful stand alone flavor. If you have never fried them before, you're missing out! We like to slice ours in half, shake them in flour, and fry them in hot butter or bacon grease until they are crispy. It's a fail proof way to impress anyone.

If you plan to store your dried mushrooms, I suggest taking them out of the food safe bag they arrive in and transferring them to a glass jar with an air tight lid. They should be kept out of direct sunlight. The mushrooms can be stored sealed in jars for several years.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me with them. Emails are answered nightly as I am out in the woods daily shrooming.

Happy Hunting!

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