You Butter Bolete it - Because we can’t!

Now available for the first time at Half Moon Trading Company are the rare and beautifully delicious Red Capped Butter Boletes! (Butyriboletus primiregius).

Sold throughout the world, this delicious bolete variety is now beginning to be found more often in North American venues who sell and specialize in choice edible culinary mushrooms.

With its bright yellow flesh it’s no wonder this mushroom is commonly named “Butter Bolete”. This Mushroom has a nutty & earthy flavor similar to Porcini but with a firmer texture that has more tooth and meatiness than its little pig cousin.

This mushroom is a wonderful addition to any sauce or topped on a burger or snacked on after grilled with butter!

We currently offer this “dried to perfection” mushroom in a 1oz market package with other quantities available upon request.
(Per 1oz)
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At Half Moon Trading Company, we take pride in showcasing the abundance of our forests and specialize in offering a wide range of premium culinary mushroom products and carefully foraged natural foods. Our mushrooms are meticulously sourced - either wild foraged or cultivated in our own sustainable state-of-the-art mushroom farm.
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