1oz Dried gyromitra mushrooms.  Picked on 2021.04. In paper bag. 

NOTE!!!! These mushrooms are poisonous if used incorrectly. Although literature sources state that dried gyromitra does not contain gyromitrin, it is still recommended to boil in water after 10 minutes, pour water (do not use it in any way), pour clean water, boil for another 10 minutes, drain water out, pour fresh water and cook again for 10 minutes, drain the water - then the mushrooms are prepared for further cooking.

Very tasty toast with onion and cream. mmmm ...

PS.: I picked mushrooms for myself, without sand, grasses, bugs and worms. But it is too much for me, so I offer them for you too:)

 I love picking mushrooms, it is my best hobby. I am a little bit crazy about forest, mushrooms, herbs...  

Harvested in the wild forests of Lithuania far away from cities, roads, factories.

Note: You are ordering from Lithuania in Europe. Now shipping to USA may take  about 10-20 business days because of pandemic situation and Christmas holidays. Just calm. You will definitely get your order;)

Dried gyromitra false morel mushrooms

Michigan, US
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I was born near forest. Lived all my life near forest. And want to be in forest everyday and all the day... I love picking mushrooms, some other goods, and too much for me - i offer them to you too. Picked and prepared with love;)