Discover the exotic and highly prized Matsutake mushroom, now available in dried form from Mushroom Mountain. Grown in the wild near pine root systems, these unique mushrooms offer a spicy, intense flavor reminiscent of cinnamon, making them a favorite in many Asian cuisines.

But Matsutake mushrooms are more than just a culinary delight. In Japan, they are revered for their cultural significance and are seen as a symbol of fertility and happiness. In fact, they are so highly valued that they are often given as gifts or served at special occasions, such as weddings and the New Year.

Not only are Matsutake mushrooms delicious and culturally significant, but they are also loaded with health benefits. Incorporate the exotic and nutritious Matsutake mushroom into your cooking today with Mushroom Mountain's dried Matsutake mushrooms.
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What is MYCOMATRIX?A mushroom based extract (Myco = fungus, Matrix= origin, cellular grid) employing a proprietary triple extraction process pioneered at Mushroom Mountain that is a potent water soluble neutraceutical food and a beverage supplement.

Why is MYCOMATRIX different?Commercial extract producers have petitioned for the language in the Supplemental Facts on a tincture or extract label to confuse consumers by accepting and term “Mushroom” for “Mycelium” as synonymous, and effectively replacing it. Why? Because extract and powder producers can make the product in less time without actually growing the mushrooms!

MYCOMATRIX is an extraction process that uses WHOLE ORGANIC FRUITBODIES grown in the USA that are allowed to mature and absorb valuable light waves that allow for the manufacture of biochemical properties of the fruitbody. Mushroom mycelium extracts, however, grown on grain in the absence of light, is chemically and qualitatively much different than mature fruitbodies. Our NATURAL process of extracting the whole fruitbodies in organic ethanol, hot water, and a third proprietary method ensures the most complete extraction possible.

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