Cordyceps militaris is a parasitic mushroom that infects moth and butterflies at all stages of growth, but mainly the pupal and larval stages. Used by many for its energizing, aphrodisiac, high altitude sports for increased lung performance, and much, much more, we're fortunate to find enough to share. There is an increasing number of growers in the U.S. that can get these to you grown from a supplemented rice based substrate, which we also love. However, there aren't very many people that can find them in the wild growing off their host insects. This bad mother makes a great tea, bug and all, with a delicious, mild flavor, we promise it's really is good. If you're up for it, you can even eat the mushroom and/or the bug at the end of the cup of tea. We have a video on our instagram of us doing it in 2020 if you need a little inspiration. @mushbloomgardens

We usually use about 4 per cup of tea, so we decided to send these as 8 so you can try it twice by yourself or with a friend. If your intention is to use these to try your hand at breeding or cloning, please reach out to us first to make sure we can send you some that may be better suited for that purpose. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions about this. This is a bit of a novelty, but a really fun thing to show your friends you've tried, people will think you're crazy or awesome or both!

We won’t send you anything we wouldn’t eat ourselves, and as foragers and farmers with consistent access to delicious mushrooms, we’re fortunate enough to get to be picky!

All shipments are handled by Cameron, who is Wild Mushroom Safety Certified and ServSafe Manager Certified. Food safety and product quality are extremely important to us to get your mushrooms to you as cold and secure as possible. We refrigerate your mushrooms before sending to you to get it to a food safe temperature. This can add a full day to the processing time, but will guarantee no time-temperature abuse, especially during warmer months. 

Dried Wild Cordyceps militaris with insect host(8)

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