Our Hoosier Yarrow is harvested from private land and open grasslands away from farm fields to prevent insecticide and herbicide exposure. It is foraged and dried in small batches. Only plants that are healthy-looking and thriving are taken to ensure the highest quality.

Scientific name: Achillea millefolium

Description: Yarrow is a flowering perennial, common in North America but native to Europe and Asia. Also called milfoil, its leaves are fern-like in appearance. Very delicate, the leaves resemble feathers. Yarrow grows stalks during the summer months. During dry years, stalk growth may be stunted, only growing 12-24 inches. Clusters of tiny white flowers grow atop the stalks, emitting a distinctive and characteristic aroma.

It can also be coarse-ground and be used for making tea. The tea has historically been used as a diaphoretic, or a sweat inducing agent, to help break a fever and promote perspiration when heat needs to be released from the body.

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