Turkey tail is a medicinal mushroom with an awesome range of health benefits for consumers. It contains a variety of powerful antioxidants and compounds that help boost your immune system and even help fight certain cancers. Plus, turkey tail is a powerful contributor to a healthy gut bacteria balance, which can super charge your immunity.

I have carefully implemented my own double-extraction recipe for developing these potent mushroom tinctures. This method isolates water and alcohol soluble compounds from fresh turkey tail mushrooms which is then combined in the perfect ratio to benefit you. Harnesses the power of the turkey tail mushroom.

The mushrooms for these tincture mixes are sustainably resourced from various locations in central Indiana.

(Per 252 oz.)
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The Carman Farm
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The Carman Farm
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Welcome to The Carman Farm where we specialize in foraged organic vegetables and mushrooms. We are located in central Indiana and harvest everything from our local surrounding. We also cultivate various culinary mushrooms including Lion's mane, Oyster and Reishi. It is our goal to provide top-quality locally foraged products for enjoyment and medicinal purposes.

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