Organic white grape must is cooked  slowly for 7 days until rich, thick and full of sweat caramel flavors.  The juice is then blended with our unique elderberry vinegar with live culture and aged.  The rich sweet/sour flavor is a treat on just about anything.  Great enjoyed with olive oil, sea salt and a little bread.  Silver medal award winner 2022 California Central Coast Vinegar Competition. Each bottle has a minimum of 10 ounces.

Elderberry Balsamic 10 oz

Indiana, US
Foraged Bounty
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Foraged Bounty makes elderberry and elderflower vinegars and balsamic vinegars from regeneratively grown elderberry bushes sourced from wild cuttings. Elderberries have been used for food and medicine on 3 separate continents for 1,000's of years. Our vinegars are artisanal and craft-made from the finest ingredients. We utilize a unique vinegar generator and live culture to go directly from fruit juice to vinegar. Almost all vinegars are made by first fermenting into alcohol. So before that bottle of apple cider vinegar with live mother in your cabinet was vinegar, it was fermented into hard cider. A second fermentation is then needed to make apple cider vinegar. And most of the sediment and haze you see in the bottle is not live culture but dead yeast. Our process utilizes only a single fermentation. It takes more time but produces a clean, clear product without off flavors. We think it also extracts and retains more nutrition. Plus it just tastes better! Vinegar experts agree as 3 of vinegars were awarded silver medals at the recent California Central Coast Vinegar Competition- the only national competition for commercial vinegars. I hope you try a bottle. Our products are truly a labor of love.