this is an outstanding remedy to both avoid falling under the weather and to work through falling under the weather

if taken at the first sign of feeling unwell, it can stave it off. 

it strengthens + nourishes the overall system and benefits the air ways keeping them clean + open.

elderberry + mullein have been used for hundreds of years to safely and reliably handle the above mentioned situations. 

one dropper a day can be taken to avoid falling under the weather. 

if you're prone to easily catching a bug, do take a dropper daily during vulnerable times.

at the first sign of feeling unwell (ie. the beginning of sniffles or a tickle in the air ways) take 3 droppers of tincture and take it easy for the day. 

have a cup of good morning grouchy tea, which is an outstanding day time blend to avoid and remedy coming down with a bug. 

this is often enough to fend off your bug. it works outstandingly well. 

if you do find yourself under the weather, 2-3 dropper fulls a day with a cup of good morning grouchy tea will greatly improve your situation + comfort. 

these remedies work by nourishing the systems to boost their efficacy, resources and defenses. 

they also open the air ways and expel gunk to resurface the airways with new coating full of new defensive measures. 

 *please drink a glass of water with your tincture each time you take it*

it helps your body assimilate the remedy well. 

if you're feeling unwell and that's why you're taking it, i encourage you to take it with a mug of hot water to guide its actions.

i can gladly message you my extensive and professional descriptions if you'd like to read them. 

i do consult for free so you can have the most minimal + effective remedies to resolve your situation. 

please don't hesitate to ask questions.

these herbs were wild foraged by myself at peak season, tinctured fresh + long steeped in vodka in the dark to extract their medicinal properties.

elderberry + mullein tincture- tinctured fresh + wild foraged

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