Both tart and sweet, our elderberry syrup is delicious! We use all Ohio-grown elderberries to make this traditional health tonic, which is also used as a flavoring in tea, water and cocktails. We keep it simple so you can really enjoy the unique flavor of the elderberry.

What's in the bottle

Farm-fresh Elderberries - sustainably grown in OhioPure Spring Water - to extract the elderberry goodness from the berries Local Honey from super cool beekeepers near usAnd a wee tiny bit of citric acid to drop the ph

8 ounces can last one person for about a month, if they use some daily. But you'll have to force yourself to stick to the recommended serving amount - so far everyone loves the taste so much they use more...

How do you use it

in seltzer water - to make an elderberry sodain a cocktail or mocktailon yoghurtin smoothiesin dressings and marinadesin teaon ice cream or cheesecakeor sip it all by itself!

Our syrup can be kept in the pantry, unopened, for up to 1 year. After opening, please refrigerate, and you can then expect the syrup to remain good for 90 days.

What does it taste like

Elderberries!Some people say it tastes like a quirky, earthy combination of cherries, cranberries and grapesYou can also taste the honey. It isn't too sweet but if you hate the taste of honey, this isn't for you.

The Mucky Boots Farm / Ohio Elderberry Farm Kitchen team is registered with the Food and Drug Administration, Ohio Department of Agriculture, is ServSafe certified and graduated from Better Process Control School with a perfect score.

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(Per 8oz)
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Here in southern Ohio we grow elderberries and elderflowers which we use to make products such as our Ohio Elderberry Syrup, Ohio Elderflower Syrup and Elderflower Salve. We live in a beautiful, often overlooked place and hope to bring some of that beauty, well-being, and deliciousness to you through our products. Learn more at

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