the roots for this tincture were purchased from a mountain gardener that grows medicinal herbs.

i tinctured the dry roots in vodka and long steeped them in the dark for 3 months.

i use this tincture reliably for a couple things


it's very good for electric green sinus infections and or when you're hacking up electric green phlegm. 

i still use it when there is yellow or white phlegm but those are easier to snuff out. 

this is an absolute specific for lung infections and pneumonia- especially for children and elderly 

because their cough reflexes aren't strong enough to expectorate effectively. 

that's when you get the cough that sounds stuck. 

uh huh UH HUH uh huh UH HUH -the phlegm is baked down and stuck. they can't cough it up.

it's also great for aiding digestion and toning up the bowels, which both tend to take a hit from phlegmy respiratory afflictions. 

for elderly folks who are historically prone to pneumonia it's safe to give them 3-5 drops in the morning with a glass of hot water afterwards in the cold months to keep their mucous membranes fit. this is a warming herb that aids circulation in all respects so it gives them a little digestive help, tones the bowels and warms their joints. they're usually happy campers. you can turn that dose up to twice a day if they have a cold. it primes the respiratory system so even if they do catch a bug the internal environment isn't conducive for it to snow ball into a big situation. 

i really like to pair this tincture with the hermit tea (reishi, mullein leaf, wild lettuce) for people who are run down, compromised or elderly. i had a lot of people tell me they had trouble fully recovering from *you know what* (this post would be instantly taken down by etsy if i wrote it out) and they developed either asthma like symptoms or were super phlegmy for weeks-months and couldn't kick it. so i did a tiny elecampane tincture and a bag of the hermit for each of them and everyone was happy and promptly on the mend. the hermit helps restore deep nutrition and restoration. i use it for a lot of things but it's been great for this. 

side note: tea wise the only time a child may be indicated here is if they had asthma or another respiratory situation that was a big deal. i'd give them a tiny elecampane tincture and reishi or reishi and mullein tea. a kiddo doesn't need wild lettuce. 


this herb is long respected as a specific for people who have are homesick and full of grief about it. maybe they had to move away or lost their home or are adjusting to homelife after a devastating loss. in chinese medicine, the lungs are in accordance with the metal element, which favors order and organization. the emotion of the lungs is grief. i've seen people suffer horrible respiratory afflictions in their grieving processes, especially when it really disturbs the order of a family. reishi and hawthorn are very good herbs to pair with elecampane for grieving. but elecampane alone is suitable for homesickness and even just a drop or two a day is excellent. which is great because elecampane is yucky<3 

message me anytime with questions or i'd be so glad to help you figure out which remedy/minimal regimen would suit you best. 

be well!

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