mugwort. agrimony. blk raspberry leaf.

this is an excellent all purpose female remedy. 

i specifically like it for female imbalances that become troublesome in the colder months

because it gently warms and moves cold stagnation (dark clotted blood, pain, white coat on tongue) 

each herb was wild foraged by myself at their own peak seasons and long steeped individually. 


ancient anglo-saxons called mugwort ‘yldost wyrta,’ the oldest of plants. 

it’s one of the nine sacred herbs in norse mythology. 

it’s latin name artemisia vulgaris claims the silvery plant for the greek goddess Artemis. 

consequently it is a plant of the moon. it makes you dream. 

mugwort is a warming, aromatic bitter. 

it improves digestive potential through strengthening the autonomic nervous system. 

it improves the timing of digestive reflexes, which benefits the liver-gallbladder connection. 

it seems that this improvement nourishes achy muscles that tend to atrophy from lack of blood flow and nutrition. 

mugwort is my favorite herb for solving feminine woes. 

it’s thorough and far reaching. it balances your cycle. 

it was a common treatment for ‘hysterical women’, madness and psychological disturbance. 

it can tune up or completely renovate a female system, depending on the situation at hand. 

it cleans stagnation, obstruction and other painful misgivings out of reproductive organs. 

this includes repressed pain and trauma. artemis is partial to watching out for sick, humiliated and marginalized women.

(she is also a goddess of gender play. mugwort can help men understand women better.) 



agrimony is the master of tension. like mugwort, it improves the autonomic reflexes. 

agrimony has a slightly different approach. mugwort’s bitterness stimulates gastric reflexes. 

agrimony brings balance the tension-laxity axis. 

think of repressing an emotion response. too easily, our systems are given conflicting impulses. 

the struggle between natural responses and how to express them appropriately. 

agrimony is a flower essence for people who suffer from emotional and spiritual tension. 

they hide their pain and troubles behind a bright face. 

they hold their breath to bury their real feelings. 

holding your breath triggers your body to release pain relief chemicals. a very clever shortcut. 

agrimony helps you address your need and feelings. 

it helps you relax your tension and breath and move through your troubles. 

it helps you do hard, healing work. 

it helps you breathe deeply. (it’s also very good for asthma and respiratory woes.)



raspberry is another pillar in female remedies. 

it’s a nutritive tonic that tones and improves the female system as a whole. 

it’s a wonderfully grounding base for this particular formula. 

it nourishes the roots to keep you grounded while mugwort and agrimony help you climb into the next version of yourself. 


this is not a loud formula. take it 1-3 times a day with a nice quiet mind. taste it in your mouth. sit with it for a few minutes. breathe, drink a glass of water. ask your body to tell you what it needs. give it some space in your day. really think about your dreams. be open to new insights. they’ll find you. 

please message me if you have questions or if you have specific needs you’d like to tend to with herbal remedies. i consult for free so that you can have the most effective and minimal regimen to suit your needs.

feminine support. mugwort. agrimony. blk raspberry leaf.

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