Assuming you have done your research on how hibiscus and camel milk is great for skincare. Wait...what??! Camel milk? Hibiscus? Seriously? Yes seriously! This face cream is beyond amazing. Rich thick and creamy yet sinks in and absorbs fast. Handcrafted in small batches using naturally derived ingredients. A little goes a long way, like pea sized amount. I use this daily with my hibiscus toner and I'm going on my 4th month. Yes seriously! My skin feels like rose petals, I promise you will find yourself petting your face. Rich in alpha hydroxy acids that help exfoliate your skin without harsh scrubbing. The hibiscus is a dose of nature's collagen injection ahem you know the name, it starts with a B. Then there's the camel milk...... omgoodness! Camel milk is completely different than any other milk in the world. It has a unique protein structure, and it's loaded with vitamins and minerals. It also penetrates the first layer of skin, allowing your ingredients to be absorbed better, and making it more effective. So if you think of camels and the environment they live in, wouldn't it make sense to give it a try? With lovely actives such as: Camel Milk, Coenzyme Q10, Tropical Hibiscus, DL-Panthenol. Amazing skin loving aging well oils such as: Jojoba, Squalane, Rosehip, Shea Butter, Evening Primrose,  Raspberry Seed Oil. All ingredients are top quality from sustainable sources. All botanical extracts are formulated in house.
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Welcome to Beauty Barrel LLC. We create skincare products tailored to your needs and desires. From adult gag gifts, to aging well face creams, we can make it. Not only is our founder a cosmetic formulator, but also an herbalist. All of our botanical extracts are made in house. Our products are made in small batches to ensure the best of quality. Contact us if you have a custom product you are interested in.

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