The smooth and wavy beauty of the Delicious Chanterelle Mushrooms harvested  in smokey mountain national forest or in the blue ridge mountains. 

Chanterelle is a low calorie food that contains many nutrients such as:

B vitamins (1,2,6, 12). YES! A vegetarian Authentic B12.Vitamins (A,E,C, and DPotassiumSeleniumPhosphorusPolysaccharidesManganeseIronChitinChitosanCopper

An 84 gram serving of chanterelle contains 27 calories.

Half a cup of chanterelles contains 5-20 micrograms of Vitamin D. That is 30-100% of the recommended daily value.

My favorite way to cook them in sautéed for 15 minutes at medium low heat in butter or olive oil. If small diced the mushroom will imitate bacon bits. This goes great in a cream sauce, on top of salads, in omelets, or even on toast. Bacon slices may be imitated by slicing thin and cooking for the same amount of time.

I am always searching for more to offer here and I look forward to making these available to my valued patrons.

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