2 oz. Dried Powdered Lion's Mane.  Our house favorite "Bear's Head"  Hericium americanum, America's Lion's Mane, is closely related and nearly indistinguishable from H. erinaceus and is assumed to contain a very similar pharmacological profile. We love it's pure white growth from start to finish. Carefully grown in-house and harvested at their peak and dried the same day using very low heat/high volume air they are quickly reduced to approximately 10% of their previous weight. The dried mushrooms are then ground fine and quickly vacuum packed and sealed to retain their amazing qualities.
(Per 2oz)
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Fungi of Casselberry
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Fungi of Casselberry
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Casselberry Botanicals specializes in Hericium americanum and Ganoderma multipilium products while always seeking to expand our knowledge and selection of functional mushrooms.

Chestnut mushroom (Pholiota adiposa) cultures, spawn and ready to grow blocks are now also available.

Dual-extracts and Tinctures, Mushroom-blend Coffee, Dried Mushrooms, Liquid Cultures, Grain Spawn and Ready to grow kits are all part of our always expanding selection.

We hope you find something you like.

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