Fresh on the cob product is only available for local pickup in WI at bulk volumes. We do not have the capacity to process or ship small orders of fresh product.

Bulk rates start at 25 x 1 Dozen Cases.

1 Dozen ears of infected huitlacoche equates to a conservative estimate of 6# shaved processed product. Many of our fresh ears process out to 1# of shaved product!

Contact for seasonal pricing and further rates. Fresh season is from Mid August to Mid September, pickups will be scheduled in that timeframe.

We do accept and encourage preorders for bulk.

Fresh Huitlacoche on the Cob: Bulk Volume (Contact for Details)

(per 80 case)
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Wisconsin, US
Mushroom Mike LLC
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Mushroom Mike LLC is a locally owned family farm located in the heart of Wisconsin. We are the premiere distributor of fresh and frozen huitlacoche in the United States. We offer shipped frozen 2# vacuum sealed bags of frozen huitlacoche or offer wholesale bulk volume pickup of fresh on the cob product (Minimum 500#).