Fresh lobster mushroom get their name from the appearance and scent. The inside is cream colored and the outside is lobster red. It has a firm crunchy texture and a mild nutty flavor. They also have a slight seafood-like flavor.  Great in stir fry, soups and gravies.

Fresh Lobster Mushrooms

Wisconsin, US
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Our company began 27 years ago as kids selling fresh morels along the highway for $9 per pound. The first year online we shipped 42 pounds. As the years went on we doubled the orders each year. This year we shipped 4 500 pounds. We are still a family owned business.

Our first few years in business we struggled as we had many shipments go bad. There were a few years we struggled to make ends meet. After sticking it out through the years we managed to get better each year listening to our customers feedback. Even today we are making slight changes to better our service. Getting our customers the freshest mushrooms possible is our main goal.