yarrow is a staple remedy. 

it's uses are diverse, safe + reliable. 

yarrow is known as 'the master of blood'

it's an alterative, meaning it balances between polarities. 

so it can stop bleeding (first aid, nose bleeds, healing wounds, 'flooding')

and it can also decongest blood (bruises, swellings, clotting, old concussions, menstrual stagnation) ((for serious clotting we pick sassafras)

it allows the movement of energy + resources to open outward from the middle. 

this heels wounds/bruises, opens pores, relieves fevers + regulates blood flow. 

many people like to use it as a preventative and remedy for cold and flew season. (in which case i would take it in small doses with elderberry or elderberry + mullein)

it 'corrects' internal environments, sweeping out old mucous + cleaning out unproductive bacteria.

because it works deeply through the blood, over time it tones digestive organs and systems. 

i often like to use yarrow with at least one other herb to give the remedy focus. 

i would consider yarrow specific for:

blood imbalances

certain high blood pressure patterns

healing injuries, wounds, burns + old concussions

closed pores, dull skin, lack of sweating (for lack of oil we pick burdock or vervain)

poor blood flow

problems with veins + capillaries 

recovering from certain patterns of gut imbalance

for menstrual pain pair it with the female support tincture agrimony.mugwort.blk raspberry

i consult for free so you can have the most safe, effective + minimal herbal regimens to suit your needs. please feel free to message me with questions and inquiries

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i make products to help you meet yourself where you are,

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hi, i'm Sydney

the one lady band behind mirrormirror

i design and carve the stamps for the packaging.

every products is individually hand stamped.

i meticulously formulate my teas + tinctures.

i've slowly perfected my line of entirely natural essential oil candles.

i wild forage and process nearly all the herbs and medicines for my tinctures + clinical practice. i sneak wild goods into my teas as much as possible.

whether you're seeking fine teas, natural candles, gifts or remedies for your health,

your interest and support means everything to me. my business is very small

but you won't find a better cup of tea or more heartfelt products from anyone else.

tea, plants + natural medicines are my life and passion.

i strive to keep my prices fair + affordable. every product is made by my own two hands

and i couldn't be happier to share them.

cheers to you☕️❤️

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