Reishi is a term that's used for a specific Lingzhi species of Ganoderma native to east Asia, but also used to encompass all Ganoderma species used medicinally. Ganoderma mushrooms are very closely related: different species are very difficult to tell apart. Some species are only differentiated by where they grow with no other distinguishing features. Ganoderma lingzhi has been the subject of study and use for centuries in Chinese medicine, but we use our locally-growing Gandermas knowing that they also have medicine. Reishi mushrooms are especially known to help regulate the immune system, both reducing inflammation from an over-active immune response (including seasonal allergies) and stimulating under-functioning immunity. There are related claims of anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties, as well as claims to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and regulate blood sugar. Reishi is also helpful in managing energy and sleep. My partner can attest to its benefits, as a historically low-energy person, our tinctures really helped them alleviate day-long grogginess. Best taken daily to see the full effects. Dual-extraction uses both water and alcohol to extract all kinds of medicine from these mushrooms.
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All of my products are foraged in Northeast Ohio using sustainable and ethical methods. Everything you see here are the same ingredients I eat daily and feed to my friends and family. You can see more of what and where I forage on my instagram @tannenbaumwildfoods.

About Me: I am a certified Wild Mushroom Expert through the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. I have foraged since my childhood hunting for berries with my grandmother in the woods and am constantly seeking new plants and fungi to learn about!

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