i used to only release this remedy after a consultation.
the ghost pipe population on my land this year was so incredibly abundant that i will release the remedy for regular purchase
i'm also tired of arguing with people on the internet about whether or not this is an appropriate remedy for you.

i've worked with ghost pipe more extensively than anyone i've ever met, studied with or read about.
please be aware that there are misleading articles on the internet about ghost pipe.

**it is not a remedy that is always well tolerated**
the people that truly need it never have adverse reactions.
people that want it for irresponsible or shallow reasons typically get bizarre and unpleasant effects, even at low doses.

it is a spirit remedy. it is a teacher.
like many respectable plant medicines, ghost pipe is being misrepresented.
fad remedies are mismarketed to make a lot of money off of people that are suffering from common ailments.
in this situation, that would be pain and anxiety.

'fad remedies' are literally the #1 reason that most endangered medicinal plants became endangered to begin with.
some greedy guy dug up all the american ginseng over 200 years ago, marketed it as a 'cure all' in global commerce
and the the US native ginseng population never fully recovered.
the same thing happened to goldenseal, echinacea and seneca snake root to name a few.

please read the full description and feel free to reach out if you need to.

this particular batch contains the whole ghost pipe plant, including the root.
it's tinctured in grain alcohol
i did not intentionally harvest the root, but wasn't going to waste it.
i have personally never seen ghost pipe regrow from the same roots like a perennial.
this year's batch is a deep purple/black, as it usually is. but sometimes during dry summers and depending on the terrain the ghost pipe was harvested from, the tincture can be a silver color. i do not know why this happens. it does not effect how strong it is, i personally promise you.

i understand that there's a lot of anger in the plant community concerning over harvesting ghost pipe.
my remedies are consciously + respectfully crafted in small batches.
restoring native endangered plants is a huge part of my practice. i don't take it lightly.

ghost pipe are an at risk species + they cannot be intentionally cultivated.
**there are a few specific situations in which they are indispensable.**

ghost pipe is 'processing support' for the tormented.
it helps a person process + integrate extremes, be it physical, emotional or spiritual pain.

it is a specific for bad trips.
i do think it's a critical remedy to have on hand in environments that are prime for irresponsible or intense psychedelic use.
that would include medicine communities that hold ceremonies where people may have a really hard time.
it is also a remedy that comes to mind to aid those recovering from drug addiction.
depending on why you might need this remedy, i will explain the perimeters of proper usage.

this remedy can be used in certain instances to assist processing trauma *for people that are already actively working through it on their own*
even then, it truly may not be the best choice for you.
this is so critically important. the internet is extremely misleading in its indications for ghost pipe.

i do think this is a reasonable remedy to try for migraines.
there are definitely uncommon situations where ghost pipe may be a very good choice.

if ghost pipe is something that you are in need of taking regularly for an extended time, i strongly encourage you to consider a companion tincture that is also very specific to your situation. i like to tell people that 5-10 drops of ghost pipe is truly a stiff dose. if 5-10 drops 2-3x a day is not enough to keep your situation under control, a reishi or skull cap tincture would be an excellent consideration. you can take a full dropper full or more of reishi or skull cap without issue or concern. if you sometimes need to take a full dropper or two of ghost pipe tincture for something like a migraine, go ahead. i have found a few herbs to be helpful at low doses daily for migraines (ie: blue vervain) but it depends on your triggers and constitution.

i heard a first hand story of someone sincerely struggling through an ayahuasca ceremony. physically, emotionally and spiritually they were at their limit and this had been going on for hours. a teaspoon of ghost pipe tincture promptly cut the situation in half and allowed their experience to be worked through more meaningfully. i think this is a really important.

i consult for free so you can have the most minimal, effective + safe remedies to suit your specific needs.
please don't hesitate to reach out
****this is not an appropriate remedy for pain management or anxiety****

i understand that people can have serious issues that they've desperately tried to fix.
this is something that i see every day and i respect your situation.
ghost pipe is being marketed as a rare and mysterious remedy that miraculously cures pain and anxiety when nothing else has worked.
herbalism is poorly understood and poorly practiced, being built on fundamental misunderstandings of both how the body works and how plant medicines work.
ghost pipe is sedative and antispasmodic. it is likely to soothe anxiety, but there are countless remedies that would be fundamentally better choices on many levels.

i have wonderful remedies and minimal regimens that can appropriately support anxiety and pain management.
as with any good remedy, it's extremely important to understand the bigger picture
so we can find the root cause of your imbalances and use minimal and specific remedies to resolve
those roots safely + effectively. please feel free to send me a message (or ask for my email address)
explaining your situation and we will get you what you need.

i have extremely good results with my anxiety and pain management clients

if you'd like to explore herbal support on your own, here are some considerations:

my absolute go to is skull cap. lemon balm, motherwort, peppermint, bugleweed, mimosa/albizia flower, blue vervain, reishi, hawthorn, passion flower
*to find the optimal anxiety remedy, it's important to know how your anxiety manifests and feels in your mind/body so you can find an herbal ally that works through those internal pathways

processing trauma + healing old wounds: skull cap, mimosa, reishi, mugwort, raspberry leaf, blue vervain. occasionally black cohosh or chaga. boundary issues: black walnut, agrimony

pain: the hermit tea is a favorite, pair it with the joint support tincture (solomon's seal, nettle + mullein) and a tiny teasel root for serious injuries (past or present). stinging nettle is a good consideration with the right formula. i have two pain salves for external use.
i also have a st johnswort- burdock-mullein pain tincture that i only have limited quantity of that i only release through consultation. please inquire
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