i wild forage this goldenrod at the end of summer on a hot dry day around the full moon. 

i flash dried it and tinctured it for several months in the dark to bring out the oils 

goldenrod has a lovely taste and a handful of situations to which i find it reliably specific 

it is good for 

+ tired, cold kidneys 

+ aching, painful feet

+ cat allergies 

a person that constitutionally needs goldenrod is often low energy, low digestive power, cold and frail or cold and retaining a lot of water. their joints are creaky, their low back is sore. maybe urine is dark and scanty, maybe it's clear and copious. both are indications that the kidneys need help to process wastes more effectively. the legs are dry and scabby or heavy with water weight- either way there isn't enough circulation and vitality making it to the lower body. goldenrod has also been used for wounds that just don't feel like healing up. 

this often happens after a long battle with a difficult illness 

or alongside a drawn out illness that a person just can't shake. 

the body needs help to warm up and process waste products effectively. it's a safe and nourishing tonic. 

i go through a lot of trouble to wild forage and properly dry fresh golden rod for my tea 'dig deep'

it contains puehr (a fermented black tea), chaga, cloves + golden rod. 

a cup a day is a lovely tonic for people that need goldenrod and are suited for some caffeine. 

the chaga is especially suited for serious conditions and can sir (i'm censored)

dig deep is also available in my 'down to earth' tea collection.

if you're having trouble uprooting a prolonged illness, message me and i can make you a custom remedy if we need to. 

please feel free to message me any time. i consult for free for your safety + benefit.

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mirror mirror tea + alchemy
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mirror mirror tea + alchemy
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i make products to help you meet yourself where you are,

on your way to where you want to be.

hi, i'm Sydney

the one lady band behind mirrormirror

i design and carve the stamps for the packaging.

every products is individually hand stamped.

i meticulously formulate my teas + tinctures.

i've slowly perfected my line of entirely natural essential oil candles.

i wild forage and process nearly all the herbs and medicines for my tinctures + clinical practice. i sneak wild goods into my teas as much as possible.

whether you're seeking fine teas, natural candles, gifts or remedies for your health,

your interest and support means everything to me. my business is very small

but you won't find a better cup of tea or more heartfelt products from anyone else.

tea, plants + natural medicines are my life and passion.

i strive to keep my prices fair + affordable. every product is made by my own two hands

and i couldn't be happier to share them.

cheers to you☕️❤️

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