Goldenrod is a common name for many species of flowering plants in the sunflower family, Asteraceae, commonly in reference to the genus Solidago. This is most likely Solidago gigantea, the most common type in Kentucky and this region. This offer was collected from undisturbed natural areas, over a mile distances so as to not over-harvest.

This is the dried flower and leaves 1/2 oz, packed in a sealed pouch.

It is most commonly used to make tea, but might also work well as a sugar, or syrup which can flavor and color pastries and sweets.

Potential benefits aid in: arthritis and gout, allergies, colds and flu, inflammation of the bladder or urinary tract, kidney stones, eczema and minor wounds (when applied to the skin). The flavonoid antioxidants and other plant compounds in goldenrod also have other anti-inflammatory benefits. Goldenrod contains many valuable plant compunds, including saponin, which have anti-fungal effects.

*This is not to be taken as medical advice or guidance. Please do your own research and always use caution when working with any medicinal herbs or plants. Always consult a physician to be certain of any potential issues.


(Per 5oz)
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Mad for Mushrooms is dedicated to the proliferation and learning of wild foods and natural ecosystems. Predominantly foraged, I focus on offering unusual, and wildly delicious foodstuffs for regional chefs and restaurants. Collaboration is essential to the work, outside of foraging and sharing knowledge, I am interested in product development, and alternative applications of biomimetics. As a vendor with Foraged Market, I hope to reach a wider audience, exciting more minds and mouths with nutritionally dense wild food products. The majority of items will be sourced in the forests and hillsides of the Ohio River Valley. However, when indicated, certain items have been successfully wild-grown in my organic, vegan, urban garden to offer a greater variety.

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