Fresh hen of the woods (maitake) gathered in the forests of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Hen of the woods is intensely flavored: they are described as meaty, peppery, and spicy. These mushrooms are often sautéed with other herbs, spices, and sauces and added as a savory addition to pastas, soups, and other dishes.

These delicious mushrooms offer several fascinating health benefits: aside from being rich in vitamin D, they have been shown to increase energy producing fatty acids. Maitake have also been researched as a way to promote healthy arteries. 

*As with all wild mushrooms, if it's your first time trying them we recommend you start with a small serving to ensure you don't have an allergy you weren't aware of. 

*By the time you receive your mushrooms, they may be a tad dry. This is normal for fresh mushrooms. You can submerge them in boiling or very hot water for 20-30 minutes to plump them up.

GRADE-A Hen of the Woods (Maitake)

Rhode Island, US
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