please read the full description and message me if you have any questions

on a new moon in late summer i pull up a gravel root, rinse it off and tincture it fresh in one quart of vodka. 

this is not technically a homeopathic remedy, but it is a very mild tincture made of the highest quality roots. 

i mostly use gravel root for calcification issues and frozen joints. 

it was long used for crunchy arthritic joints.

ii often use one or two drops internally with a hot cup of mullein tea

and a few drops on the afflicted joint

i strongly encourage an evening castor oil pack to go on the afflicted joint post tincture 

(castor oil dampened rag covered by a hot heating pad for an hour at night)

i put up an option for gravel root tincture with mullein tea


i have heard very reliable sources claim that gravel root can seal the intestines in peritonitis and that they have used it in late stage Crohn's and similar afflictions with great success and much to the surgeon's surprise. i have not had the occasion to use gravel root for this indication but would do so with confidence. low doses work very well and many of the historical indications for gravel root are situations that would have been an outright emergency without modern medicine. it was used for wounds that had gone putrid and is a very good woundwort. 


it was used for kidney stones to break them down, strengthen/coat/protect the kidneys and delicate tubes that would have to pass the stones. you should always go to a doctor for kidney stones before you consider an alternative. but that being said i've had people with recurring, passable kidney stones who had their doctor's blessing to try natural means. doctors these days will tell you to have fresh lemon juice, a long standing natural remedy for the affliction. i would include stinging nettle and a drop or two of gravel root 3-5 days a week. 


i use gravel root for certain patterns of female infertility

often alongside wild lettuce tincture. 

i hesitate to describe indications because this can be a multifaceted issue

but it is very good for preventing miscarriages 

and i sometimes use it for women who have unremarkable menstrual cycles 

and don't seem like they should be having trouble with fertility. 

fertility is not a one size fits all situation

and this is one herb in two handfuls that i consider for fertility

i have had very good luck with clients in this department

message me if you're having troubles and we'll look at the bigger picture


while gravel root has a long history of being an extremely safe remedy, modern science has somewhat recently detected PA's in its pharmacological analysis. not all PAs are created equal. many big name herbalists consider it a multifaceted issue made flat. notwithstanding, it's controversial issue for a number of reasons. 

for the record: *external application is not a risky issue in any way*

i'm very conservative about these kinds of things and myself have been permanently injured by a pharmaceutical, so i don't take the matter lightly. at a dose of 1-3 drops i don't feel concerned about using gravel root. i have a compromised liver and don't tolerate a number of herbs well because of it, but i take 1-3 drops of gravel root without trouble. for the sake of goodness, people with compromised livers should opt out. modern science argues that pregnant women should opt out.  

all i can say is i've had women get pregnant from a short period of low doses after years of trying and they had completely healthy children. i have been looking for an equally effective miscarriage preventatives and continue to do research.  

for the record, at risk females take it before conception and only again if there is sudden risk of potential miscarriage. 

if this information makes you uncomfortable, that's completely fine and i would be happy to find an alternative solution for your situation. i believe in your right to be well and in your right to make very informed decisions that you feel safe + comfortable

which is why i write out these extended descriptions. 

please feel free to message me any time. i consult for free for your safety + benefit

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