ground ivy is also frequently known as creeping charlies. 

it is a quiet yet pervasive member of the mint family. 

it is one of the earliest spring greens to emerge, though in many places it's evergreen throughout the year. 

i often find it looking happy and well under heavy snow in winter. 

it's very rich in nutrients and antioxidants, particularly vitamin c.

this explains why it has saved countless humans from scruvy throughout the ages and all over the world. 

historically speaking, it was famously used by painters to prevent and remedy lead poisoning before we knew what lead poisoning was. 

it has been used cross culturally to purify blood and decongest stagnation of all kinds. 

broadly speaking, it works through systems and cleans up, balances flow and astringes/corrects surfaces.

it is a specific for inner ear congestion, which can lead to infections but also vertigo and unexplained hearing loss. 

this is a wonderfully reliable application. likewise i adore it for repeat ear infections, especially for kids. 

many old authors used it for headaches with great results. 

like lemon balm it's used for 'cold obstructions' of the head

it has also been universally used as a 'pot herb' that was cooked into soups throughout the cold months to benefit immunity. 

it has been used for colds and flu, which makes sense because it's aromatic and could release the exterior to push out the bug.

that being said i'd prefer it as a 'pot herb' in this instance or would recommend using it alongside elderberry or elderberry + mullein. 

it also 'warms up the stomach' if digestion falls flat and apathetic, especially in cold weather. 

i really like ground ivy for diarrhea, especially if it's like a random occurrence or if you're ill with a bug. 

you can totally use it for chronic cases if it matches your overall situation well. 

if it doesn't it will only palliatively help, which is still useful and safe. 

feel free to message me and i can always help you figure out what would work best for a chronic issue. 

overall, this is an extremely safe food grade herb. clinically, i find that it's often a simple solution to complicated problems. 

it's tempting to list off every malady that it's resolved, but it's important to remember that understanding root causes of larger imbalances is where we find excellent resolution. for example, if someone is experiencing headaches and vertigo with weak digestion we can use ground ivy with confidence. 

several times i've received messages from women saying 'i just had the easiest period ever! is that weird?' after taking ground ivy for ear issues. 


dosage will depend on you and your situation. 

if you're in an acute ear infection or feel one coming on, take two dropper fulls of tincture and follow with a mug of hot water (to assist opening actions)

you can take 3 dropper fulls in a day if you're in a bad spot, just taper your dosage back down as you resolve. 

for all intents and purposes 10 drops-1 dropper is a solid dose. 

if you have tinnitus or a chronic issue, 1 dropper 2x daily is solid. 

it won't take more than a week to see real change, though it may take the duration of the bottle for resolution.

very worth mentioning for my ground ivy people: you might need to see a *good* chiropractor for a neck adjustment. 

sometimes i see people get much better from ground ivy but not all the way better and it's a neck misalignment issue. 

***this can happen to babies and children too*** 

please, if your kiddos are getting repeat ear infections this can save their tiny guts from antibiotic tsunamis. 

i know a local chiropractor who specializes in babies and children if you're in my area

i have ground ivy tea dried in case anyone needs it 

but kids can also have very small doses of tincture in orange juice and do very well 

ground ivy tincture -wild foraged tinctured fresh

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