Bring home the same rare, top-shelf salmon we deliver to James Beard award-winning sushi chefs across Seattle.

These hand-cut portions are harvested by small boat fishermen in the most sustainably managed fishery in the world: Bristol Bay, Alaska. These fish are born into glacial valleys in the last fully intact salmon stronghold on the planet, and grow in the icy waters of the North Pacific, forcing them to put on extra layers of fats that are rich in omega-3s and nutrients.

Every filet is handled with care using the same techniques the people of Bristol Bay have used for millennia, hand-cut by a small, family-owned processor, and flash-frozen on the day of harvest to lock in pristine quality.

Each portion is ~12oz average, skin-on, pin-bones in

When you eat Eva’s Wild salmon, you fortify the Bristol Bay salmon ecosystem by supporting small multi-generational fishing operations that are are dedicated to the sustainable management of the fishery for future generations, and 10% of all profits are donated directly to indigenous-lead efforts to protect Bristol Bay salmon habitat.

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Eva's Wild is a fishermen-run distributor delivering premium wild sockeye salmon from the world's most sustainably managed wild salmon fishery: Bristol Bay, Alaska. We were founded and operate on a simple premise: eat wild, save wild. It’s in our name: Eva’s is “save” spelled backwards. It’s in our product: All of our salmon is harvested by small-boat fishermen dedicated to preserving wild ecosystems for their livelihood, and for future generations. And it’s in our commitments: We donate 10% of our profits to indigenous-led organizations protecting wild salmon habitat and connected communities. Learn more at
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