these hawthorn berries were harvested after the first frost, as is traditional. 

i halved them, removed many of the seeds and tinctured them fresh in grain alcohol. 

i let them steep in the dark for 2 months. 

it's in the Rosaceae family along with apples and roses.

although the plants and herbs are in this family are generally well tolerated and considered safe,

i recommend messaging me for a consultation to make sure we're 

serving your highest good. i can always make a custom blend for you if need be. 

i consult for free so you can be safe and have a minimal, appropriate + effective herbal regimen.



hawthorn has diverse uses. 

it's most infamously a heart tonic of great utility. it increases the heart's potential to contract wholly and appropriately. 

it normalizes cholesterol and blood pressure (high or low) when the root issue is capillary irritation.

matthew wood uses a simple test to check your capillaries:

-are your palms (and maybe even wrists)    pink or red?

-when you press down on them does the  area stay white for more than a few seconds? 

hawthorn improves heart function by nutrition and is thus a safe choice for the fragile. it won't force the body to perform actions that it doesn't have the resources to perform. it's a nutritive tonic that fuels its own change. that being said, i often like to pair it with reishi to further fuel deep change. i also like to supplement the tincture with a bit of hawthorn tea, especially at first, to really take advantage of the nutritional properties. 


hawthorn is a specific for intensely dry, scaly, peeling hands. 

this once again an issue with appropriate lipid digestion, absorption and use. 

it works quite well even in low doses. also consider burdock. i have a full description up. it's a good herb to put in a formula for those with cold, weak, debilitated digestion. you might find dry, lack luster skin and a general lack of bodily oil. 

their hair might be falling out because the follicles are dry and undernourished. 


hawthorn resolves the roots of deep trapped heat. that heat tries to escape the body through the skin, the biggest organ. 

this presentation usually also shows digestive disturbance. most people with acid reflux aren’t experiencing true hyper acidity, but people with red cheeks often get a yellow coat on their tongue and have a genuine over abundance of stomach acid and digestive fire. i like to clean up the liver with cooling lymphatic herbs (peek my general detox tincture)

but for red cheeks always add hawthorn. depending on the digestive presentation. a bit of yellow dock can also be really effective. 

for your consideration: there could be a food allergy here for sure. 


hawthorn resolves deep heat issues that can show up in a hundred different ways. 

two common manifestations are lack of focus and hyper activity/fidgeting. maybe they also struggle to sleep soundly. 

maybe they show signs of heat disturbance 

ie: aggitated by heat and hot weather, red cheeks from drinking or spicy food, prone to rashes, craves cold drinks and food, 

yellow coating on tongue, overly reactive histamine response to bug bites, scratches etc. 

  for children: 

hawthorn alone in small doses is good. 

it's mostly just a sugar/processed food thing. it's not a "deep issue" it usually resolves nicely

  for adults: 

clean up your liver and take hawthorn alongside. 

diet is going to be a big deal. for ADHD, check your caffeine/sugar/processed food/empty carbs


if you're dealing with aut0immune issues message me. i strongly recommend a good food allergy panel and a thorough liver remedy. there's a lot we can do but it depends on your particular presentation. 


hawthorn is a beautiful ally for grief and mourning. it benefits nourishes, heals and protects your emotional heart as well as your physical. this plant is known for helping people move into newness with grace. 

i consult for free so you can be safe and well and my remedies can be used to their greatest good and highest potential. 

please don't hesitate to message me with questions

hawthorn berry tincture- wild foraged

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