Fresh Honey Mushrooms, of varying color and size. Armillaria mellea also known as Desarmillaria caespitosa (formerly Armillaria tabescens) are saprophytic and parasitic, meaning they can pray on living trees, and lead to their destruction -- which also means you there is all the more reason to feel great about consuming these guys, you're potentially helping to support a healthy ecosystem! How often do you get to say that?

Furthermore, according to studies, Honey Mushrooms act as powerful antioxidants, scavenging free radicals, which may accumulate due to everyday stress, pollution and processed foods. These parasitic mushrooms, can also stimulate the immune system and protect the body from viruses and bacteria. 

They also happen to be delicious cooked, just make sure to cook them thoroughly.  

 *** Store in paper, or in cloth, in a cool dry place - refrigerate away from moisture and plastic! As with all mushrooms, it is best to taste in smaller quantities to confirm that any particular individual has no adverse reaction or intolerance to the mushroom.  

SOLD $35 a pound, as these mushrooms are light weight and pack with flavor

Honey Mushrooms, Fresh

Kentucky, US
Mad for Mushrooms
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Mad for Mushrooms is dedicated to the proliferation and learning of wild foods and natural ecosystems. Predominantly foraged, I focus on offering unusual, and wildly delicious foodstuffs for regional chefs and restaurants. Collaboration is essential to the work, outside of foraging and sharing knowledge, I am interested in further product development, and alternative applications of biomimetics.

By participating in Foraged Market, we hope to reach a wider audience, exciting more minds and mouths with nutritionally dense wild food products. The majority of items will be sourced in the forests and hillsides of the Ohio River Valley. However, when indicated, certain items have been successfully wild-grown in my organic, vegan, urban garden to offer a greater variety.

Please visit the shop to see what we hope to discover, and feel free to reach out with any questions.

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