A flavorful and versatile nut, the North American native Juglans nigra is a delightful addition to salad, bread, pasta, trail mix, baked goods (walnut and chocolate chip cookies are a must), and much more. This nut has it all- protein, carbs, and healthy oils. Store them in the shell in a cool dry place and crack when needed. A mesh laundry bag-full in the basement will stay good through the winter. Black Walnuts are a tough nut to crack, a heavy stone, trusty hammer, or specialty cracker is required to open them. Additionally, a nut pick and micro sidecutters make the process much easier. Once cracked the nuts only last a few days in the fridge, so plan to use them quickly.

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NatureCraft Farm provides a taste of what the Midwestern-wild has to offer. Whether it is from the wooded slopes, fertile river bottoms, or the restored prairies there is a number of delicious species to choose from. Sustainability and land stewardship are at the front of my mind and always influence my foraging decisions. Increasing natives while managing invasive species is my primary mission. Help me help the land by removing invasive species and introducing them to your kitchen!

My foraging story started twelve years ago when I received a Peterson field guide on wild edible plants of the central and eastern US. As a young boy I was fascinated by all the plants and their illustrations. Dandelions gained a magical quality once I learned they could be made into coffee, tea, and even wine. Shepard's purse was no longer a random weed- but instead a snack that could be found along the garden's edge. My love for nature has only grown, and since then I have branched into eating several more species, especially those in the fungal kingdom, and continue to learn about nature's bounty.

Along with wild foods I will occasionally have heirloom produce to sell. Flour corn, eggplant, peppers, and other odds and ends can be expected.

-So join me in appreciating the wild and cultivated foods of the Midwest!

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