The Itch Relief Stick is our Signature product for all itchy, owies especially any fire ant stings!

The proprietary blend of herbs and oils work to stop the itch and reduce swelling almost immediately. It is best used as soon as you get bit or stung from an insect or even a stinging plant.

Easy roll up mini container is .5 ounce. Includes free regular shipping.

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Forager Chick
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Forager Chick
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Welcome to the Forager Chick Shop!

All of our products are created at Bella Vista Farm in Monroe, Georgia. All spices and mushrooms in our products are organic, homegrown or foraged. Bella Vista Farm has been creating natural products for over 9 years. Forager Chick is our brand and home to the Forager Chicks School.

I am a Certified Wild Mushroom Forager and Instructor with Mushroom Mountain.

If I am not making products or baking bread then I am out in the woods foraging all things wild!! I also teach homesteaders and preppers how to identify wild plants and mushrooms to use for food and medicine.

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