it took me a long time to get enough solomon's seal tincture to offer it as a regular listing 

as opposed to offering it for my private clients only. 

this is an absolutely wonderful remedy.

it works great at a low dose of 5-10 drops 1-2x daily.

a small bottle gets you a long way, which is why this formula is priced differently than most of my tinctures.

i have trouble keeping this one in stock all year.

i will begin with saying i consult for free so you can get the most specifically appropriate and effective remedies to suit your specific situation. i want you to get better and for your health goals to manifest promptly. i make all of these remedies from wild foraged plants at their peak season throughout the year. they are respectfully wildcrafted, of excellent quality and i like to make sure that they are not wasted or misused. 

this tincture greases your joints and supports proper maintenance + repair of these spaces. 

injury can damage a space, skeletal misalignment and extra weight can slowly damage a space, inappropriate tendon tension can cause bone spurs, inappropriate diet or unknown food allergies can cause strange pain and degenerative joint imbalances (chronic insomnia may show up here but not always) it is important to know why there is pain or injury to begin with so we can address and potentially resolve the roots of the imbalance properly. this ensures prompt results and lasting change. 

one product may or not be enough to resolve your imbalance, but i do use the most minimal regimens possible. 

stinging nettle

is a nutritive, food grade herb in the mint family. almost any time i am working with someone who is experiencing pain issues or is in need of some mending, i include nettle. a significant cause for pain issues is from digestive byproducts dirtying the bl00d and collecting at the joints. an extreme example of this pattern is g0ut, but more mild manifestations of the same imbalance are very common. weakened kidneys can be another source or factor with this issue. weak kidneys can’t send out all of the impurities that they are tasked with, which causes a cascade of other troubles. nettle strengthens and fuels optimal kidney performance. it is a very safe *nutritive* diuretic. this can be particularly important for middle age- older men. it may be from over consuming protein for many years, which slowly over taxes the kidneys. (if you know any middle aged-older men who have been long time vegetarians or vegans i would love to ask them a few research questions)

nettle is also strongly anti-inflammatory and has a knack for ‘turning things on that have been turned off’ i have seen a wild array of resolutions here from low thyr0!d, weak k!dneys, frozen shoulders, s3xual debility to @nemia. in short, stinging nettle is wonderful for shifting the inner environment so the mending process can take place. it fuels change. if we really need a nutrition boost here, we’ll add it as a supplemental tea on the side. not all herbal properties transfer seamlessly into a tincture. 


is specific to cleaning up limph pathways, restoring appropriate surfaces to mucous membranes throughout the body and nourishing connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, muscle and even bone. although mullein is famous for being reliable lung support, it is equally reliable in mending and repairing physical injuries and joint troubles- especially when the spine is involved. i have heard master herbalists describe it as a remedy that helps the bones remember their original alignment, which seems to almost have a ‘magnetic’ quality. there have been multiple clinical accounts of mullein helping broken ribs click back into place. 

i have specifically included mullein in this formula because it helps bring nutrients and healing supplies to compromised cartilage. i get tons of people that need cartilage support and mullein is very very helpful. 

solomon’s seal

has roots that look like finger bones that can be snapped apart into segments. it is strongly mucilaginous and nutritive. it promptly restores “grease” to the system and lubricates creaky joints. this is a particularly important remedy for older people and can strongly improve their quality of life. solomon’s seal is also an important remedy for bone spurs, which are actually caused by inappropriate tendon tension that causes bones to rub. a chiropractor and or some deep massage work could help resolve root issues as well, it depends on presentation. the mucilage produced by this plant is wildly nutritious and fuels deeper change. it has also been reliably used to soothe inflamed, irritated intestines. in TCM it has been long recognized as a model yin tonic. i responsibly wild foraged this plant in late fall and tinctured the fresh roots in grain alcohol to accommodate and preserve the mucilage properly. 

DOSAGE: a few drops go a long way. as with any new remedy i would start with 5 drops twice a day. 

drink a glass of water after you take tincture. you can move up to 10 drops twice a day if you'd like. 

if everything in your over all situation is accounted for, it shouldn't take more than a few days to start noticing change with the right remedy. within two weeks you should notice significant change. within a month we should be in a whole new situation.  clients have reliably told me over and over that by day 5 they felt significant change with this remedy.

this tincture would be a wonderful companion to my cartilage repair salve, especially if you are actively in a lot of pain. 

please feel free to message me with any questions or to outline your own specific situation. i can also consult through text or email (i have a proton account). i occasionally take calls if the need arises.

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