lemon balm is a plant of the sun 

it's happy, calm and bright

it's great general sedative, antispasmodic and a pleasant digestive aid.

i tincture mine fresh so it tastes nice and is quietly potent. 

a few drops can go a long way. 

this is a great general remedy to have on hand

it's safe, gentle and reliable. 

it's an ingredient in my sleep tea 'count sheep' from the dream team box

and in my herbal blend 'remain calm' from the afternoon survival pack. 

i use it for the following specific indications:


 - lemon balm and bugleweed

both herbs are super safe and conventional options are extreme. 

this is a matthew wood protocol that has shown excellent results 

a side note: i have seen hyperthyroid symptoms caused by medication side effects. the person didn't want to stop taking the medicine and this regimen did not override those side effects. 

it's always important to understand the roots of the imbalance to resolve it appropriately. 

i have found this is particularly important in thyroid issues of all kinds. 

it's not hard to get very good results for high, low, autoimmune or even clear but subclinical thyroid imbalances

it also doesn't take very long to see change 

but we sometimes have to make some fundamental changes for the appropriate herbs and sometimes supplements

to be able to do their work without obstacles. 


this can easily be a food issue but lemon balm is a great, reliable, super safe option for kiddos. 

it's a good option for calming down at bedtime and for kids that are afraid of the dark. 

*low doses* increase concentration, higher doses induce sleep. 


i got this indication from nicholas culpepper's complete herbal and i find that it's really useful. while it's common to see lemon balm being used for headaches, culpepper uses them for headaches that feel like 'obstructions' in the head. if that description speaks to you or if cold weather agitates your headaches, lemon balm is a solid consideration.



there was a really interesting study that found lemon balm to be excellent protection for people like x ray technicians. 

i'll include the link below.

Zeraatpishe, A., Oryan, S., Bagheri, M.H., Pilevarian, A.A., Malekirad, A.A., Baeeri, M., & Abdollahi, M. (2011). Effects of Melissa officinalis L. on oxidative status and DNA damage in subjects exposed to long-term low-dose ionizing radiation. Toxicology and Industrial Health, 27(3), 205-212. https://doi.org/10.1177/0748233710383889

please feel free to message me any time with questions. i consult for free for your safety and benefit.

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