5 pound production block of Lion's Mane mushroom, Hericium Erinaceus strain CS-129. These blocks are for production and are fully colonized, aged, and ready to produce Lion's Mane mushrooms. Approximate yield is 1 to 1-1/2 pounds of Lion's Mane mushrooms on the 1st flush, with smaller yields on subsequent flushes. Our blocks are made for the experienced grower, we do not supply growing directions, only growing parameters.

Growing parameters: Carefully cut around and remove white filter patch from block, leaving the growing bag intact, tight around block (as shipped). Place in grow room, temperature 60 to 68 degrees, humidity 75 to 85%, co2 600ppm or lower, 12 hours of light per day. 1st harvest in about 2 weeks.
(Per 5lb)
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Our small mushroom farm has been providing local residents and businesses high quality gourmet mushrooms for over 11 years. We take great pride in harvesting only premium mushrooms for our customers. We believe in conservative foraging, picking only the premium mushrooms, leaving the small or over mature mushrooms for future seed. We are family owned and operated, with family values.

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