The commercial outdoor grower has used mushroom plugs for

many years. Now the MUSHROOM MAN brings it home to you!

Create a Lion's Mane garden in your own yard. Per 100 Lion's Mane mycelium plugs which are enough for 2-3 logs or stumps and should produce Lion's Mane mushrooms for many years to come. Very easy to grow. Logs, you provide, can be as long as 4ft long and the diameter should be approx. 6 inches. These plug spawns are mycelium infused wooden plugs that are inserted in to a 5/16 inch diameter drill holes that you will create into stumps or logs and sealed over with wax (wax sold separately).

100 Plugs (Enough for 2-3 logs at 4-6 in diameter ~ 3-4ft long.


 When inserting plugs each should be covered in organic wax. We sell soy wax that is perfect for mushroom plugs.

Please allow 7-10 days, depending on your room temp., to fully colonized with mycelium upon arrival.

Lion Mane Outdoor Plugs (Outdoor Growing)

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Mushroom Man
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Indoor & Outdoor Mushroom Kits and Mushroom Plugs for mushroom gardens!

When I purchased my first mushroom kit in 1997 I was hooked! There wasn't much information about growing mushrooms at that time and the internet was just taking off. There was something about mushrooms growing to maturity in a matter of a few days that was very exciting to me.

​Over the next 25 years I have grown countless varieties and learned many techniques that I would like to pass on to others before my time on earth is finished. Take a look at our mushroom kits and plugs here on Foraged. If you are interested in cultures, growing equipment and workshops please visit

If you have any questions I will be happy to answer you personally.