This is a Hericium erinaceous - Lions Mane Spagyric extract. Spagyric medicine strives to achieve a complete Full Spectrum extraction from plants and fungi. Originating from ancient Alchemy, spagyric medicine includes the nutritional and mineral components of the plant/fungi (Lions mane in this case) composite. This particular Lions Mane spagyric extract comes from the fruiting body of a rice hull. This spagyric tincture contains lions mane novel fungi-compouonds responsible for neurotrophic factors and cognition enhancement. It further contains the fungi-nutrients/minerals which carry important therapeutic quality most tinctures are lacking. Mineral nutrition is a keystone factor in health and wellness. The minerals, which are salty in nature, greatly enhance the bioavailability of the tincture. Spagyric tinctures requires less dosage, has less side effects and lasts longer with more prominent intended medicinal effects.

Extraction Notes

This Lions Mane was initially double extracted with water and alcohol in that order. This scheme was developed based off the ideas put forth at JDs Pharmacopeia Mushroom Tek. Heated in water around 175 degrees F for 6 hours, and then macerated in alcohol for 21 days, strained and filtered numerous times. The water decoction was mixed completely with the alcohol portion with a final alcohol volume of 25%. The fungi body was then calcined for 24 hours and reduced to white ash from which minerals were crystallized. Pulverized mineral crystals were added to the double-extraction and cohobated for 7 hours to achieve complete "medicinal activation".

(Per 1fl oz.)
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Medicinal and Nutritional medicinal fungi and plants. Our philosophy is dietetic medicine which heals the source of the illness from a nutritional standpoint and treats the symptoms from a medicinal standpoint employing both the nutritional constituency and the specialized metabolite constituency in a full spectrum alchemically inspired extraction informed by conventional medicinal plant chemistry.

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