Grown on pine chips, mixed sawdust, gypsum, and oats in biodegradable plastic with lots of love.

Harvests typically happen twice a month, once around the 1st and once around mid-month. Anything that doesn't get sold fresh is turned into powder.

Next harvest should begin on 5/1

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Spores on the Planet
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Spores on the Planet
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Spores on the Planet is a worker owned cooperative of catastrophically gay mushroom cultivators and urban horticulturalists based in Los Angeles, CA. We operate a small urban mycology lab where we grow and breed Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, and other medicinal mushrooms. Mushrooms offer us profound and deeply effective medicines against cancers, viruses, and mental health issues, and can be produced naturally and simply. We believe in sharing this knowledge freely and openly, putting practical cultivation methods and real science in the hands of working class citizens.

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