Wild-foraged Lions Mane found deep in the forests of Southern Oregon for an organic harvest. The benefits of this medicinal include nerve support and repair, mood regulating, memory/ cognitive function, counteracting gastritis, antibiotic, anticarcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, blood sugar regulating, blood pressure lowering, and so much more! Each order is for 1 oz of dried lion's mane. Please message us with any questions!

Lion's Mane (dried slices)

(per 1 oz)
Oregon, US
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Everything offered is lovingly hand foraged in the mountain forests of the PNW by a handful of outdoor enthusiasts. We chase each mushroom and medicinal as it comes into season. Then they're either quickly sliced and dried or processed accordingly so we can offer them to you year round. MycroRising is committed to providing high quality specialty food free of any additives for ourselves and our people. We steward nature through spore and native seed propagation. Culinary and medicinal goods are our forté, and we are proud to give and receive from our native home of Southern Oregon. We feel blessed every day to be surrounded by so much food and medicine that is invisible to the general population. We believe that humanity is returning to our roots and turning away from the over-processed foods and pharmaceuticals that are so heavily pushed on us.