Lions main fruiting body ground and then put into vegan capsules for those on the go. Shipping is included. Lions mane mushroom supports clarity and focus of the mind. Has been said that can help with mild symptoms of anxiety and depression. Could even protect from dementia. May speed recovery from nervous system injuries. May protect against ulcers in the digestive tract. Can reduce the risk of heart disease. Can help manage diabetes symptoms. Some research has shown it could even help fight cancer. Lions mane also contains powerful compounds anti inflammatory and antioxidant compounds to reduce inflammation. Other research states it strengthens the intestinal immune system.

Lions mane powder vegan capsules 600-800MG

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Georgia, US
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Here we sell Lions mane fruiting bodies only, no fillers or anything but the mushroom. Also we sell Dried oyster mushrooms different varieties Golden, blue , Italian and snow Oysters. All products are grown from substrates that are produced in house in our clean room. None of these are wild mushrooms but cultivated. All products are highest quality and hand selected.