This stuff is amazing! If you are interested in adding pine pollen to your diet, but you're a bit overwhelmed about how to use the powder, "Liquid Gold" is a great place to start! Use this superfood honey anyway that you would use honey regularly: in coffee, tea, oatmeal, yogurt, or *gasp* drizzled on ice cream! It's so delicious... you're gonna want the bigger jar.

Our "Liquid Gold" formula is based on the TCM preparation (Traditional Chinese... I can't say the M word, but you know what it is). This is a delicious healthy blend of our Pine Synergy - 3 varieties of wildcrafted, raw pollen - and local raw honey from the watershed.

Over 95% of pine pollen found online is from China where it is mass processed in facilities that microwave the pollen to crack the cell wall. Although this may increase the absorption of nutrients by 15% it also removes the pollen's natural defense layer, causing the product to immediately begin to degrade.

Unlike most pine pollen on the market, our pollen is always raw and optimally stored, and minimally processed to deliver the freshest, purest product to our customers.

All of our pine pollen products are sustainably hand-harvested, by us, at a variety of elevations in the wilds of the American River watershed.
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Pine Pollen from the American River watershed
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