* Overnight shipping included
* Wild-Caught
* Sustainably Harvested
* Antibiotic-Free
* Weight Range: 1.4lb-1.69lb per Lobster

Some quick-cook lobster instructions 1. Boiling (timing after the water boiled): Chics ~ 8-10 min Quarters ~ 10-12 min Halves ~ 12-14 min 2. Steaming (timing after the water boiled): Chics ~ 10-12 min Quarters ~ 12-14 min Halves ~ 14-16 min 3. Baking/Grilling: The internal temperature of the lobster is 145 degrees Fahrenheit
Quick tip: Choose a pot that has lots of room for the water to boil to cook the lobsters
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We are a family-owned seafood company. We are proud to offer a variety of fresh seafood options for all your needs, harvested locally in Maine waters and imported from other countries. Whether you're looking for something to cook for a special occasion or simply want to enjoy something tasty, our seafood selections are sure to please, from our delectable abalone to succulent shrimp, and everything in between. We guarantee that you'll be elated with the quality of our seafood!

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