lobelia inflata is a tiny sprig of a plant

but it has a presence and an interesting history that shows this has always been true. 

it is not a dangerous plant in any way

but it needs to be taken in tiny doses with sincere respect for its big herbal actions

or you could really not have a great time. 

i use it for:

+ asthma

+ vagus nerve conditions

+ certain nerve conditions

and even in these instances we have a lot of other options.


1. it is extremely sedative and even in homeopathic doses it can really clunk someone out.

  - driving, operating machinery etc: no no no. this is a remedy that needs to be taken in a tiny dose before bed. 

2. it is a deeply cleansing and clearing plant. if there is phlegm, debris or obstruction, lobelia thins, cleans and clears away. where there is constriction in tubes it relaxes and dilates. 

  - this can be incredible for things like asthma where we need to open constricted bronchioles and clear away viscid mucous in the 

   lungs. it can be a bit jarring to cough up a gob of phlegm that's been sitting in your lungs for who knows how long so this is why 

   informed consent is important. 

  - along this same vein, clearing obstruction can be serious business so we have to be careful that 

   we're not trying to do something dangerous like coax out a kidney stone that is too big to safely pass.  

  * lobelia can be used to instigate important cleansing actions at tiny doses. at even moderate doses you can instigate vomiting. it 

    was used as a reliable emetic in the past. as a cleansing and opening herb it inspires sweating, bowel movements, urination, 

    phlegm expectoration and vomiting. 

   - i've read numerous accounts of people from long ago chewing a sprig of lobelia, not knowing what they were in for. many of them report believing that it was poison and that they were dying, as it has a sharply penetrating taste that immediately inspires salivation. then at a dose such as this there is typically prompt nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sweating and often trembling. when that's through it puts you into a deep, restorative sleep. 

3. it is a specific for vagus nerve conditions. 

it strongly acts on your nervous system and is a strong alterative. alternatives have seemingly paradoxical actions, but think of them as resetting your 'homeostasis' between the pillars of dichotomy. it is both an irritating stimulant that catalyzes deep cleansing, opening and release. but it is equally deeply sedative. so at a stiff dose it thoroughly deep cleans and passes nasty stuff from your whole body, puts you into a deep sleep and you wake up feeling brand new. 


lobelia is a model remedy for the greek humoral paradigm 

it truly wastes all mal humors

what we need to be careful of is initiating that process in a gentle and controlled way

very good herbalists have said that it's good to pair lobelia with a second herb that is fully indicated in a person's overall presentation. the homeopathic lobelia becomes more of a secondary catalyst to assist the main herb to more fully complete its tasks. please note that i have a skull cap + lobelia tincture as well. i could also make a custom remedy. 

please feel free to message me anytime. i consult for free for your safety and benefit.

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