this is a high end tea. 

the ingredients are expensive and exclusive. 

it took me a long time to get the formula right.

this is a girl boss blend.

it's strongly uplifting, confident + sensual.

*it's not so sensual that you couldn't use it as a regular tea to drink*

it's delicious and a total mood boost

silver tipped ceylon is a top shelf black tea. 

it's the most beautiful black tea you've ever had. 

then i add american ginseng,

real vanilla beans, maca, fermented cacao, 

fresh grated nutmeg and a pinch of yerba mate. 

this is a blend from my charmed box, which is a great collection.

peek my divine feminine tincture. 

etsy censors me for the nature of this tea so i'll word this carefully. 

if you want a fun, temporary sexy boost, this is a great blend.

if that's a chronic issue you experience, 

message me and we'll do a quick consultation and resolve it from the roots. 

*blessings* message me with any questions.

loose leaf tea
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mirror mirror tea + alchemy
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mirror mirror tea + alchemy
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i make products to help you meet yourself where you are,

on your way to where you want to be.

hi, i'm Sydney

the one lady band behind mirrormirror

i design and carve the stamps for the packaging.

every products is individually hand stamped.

i meticulously formulate my teas + tinctures.

i've slowly perfected my line of entirely natural essential oil candles.

i wild forage and process nearly all the herbs and medicines for my tinctures + clinical practice. i sneak wild goods into my teas as much as possible.

whether you're seeking fine teas, natural candles, gifts or remedies for your health,

your interest and support means everything to me. my business is very small

but you won't find a better cup of tea or more heartfelt products from anyone else.

tea, plants + natural medicines are my life and passion.

i strive to keep my prices fair + affordable. every product is made by my own two hands

and i couldn't be happier to share them.

cheers to you☕️❤️

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