Harvested right here in the North Woods of Minnesota... Honey Mushrooms! These beauties were responsibly harvested during the short growing season of October.

These are not a beginners mushrooms. You don't want to simply rehydrate these to fry up.

When they are harvested young they have a mild sweet flavor, as they age the flavor can turn to slightly nutty and bitter.

These mushrooms should be cooked or baked for a minimum of 15 minutes to both bring out the best flavor as well as help the texture.

Honey mushrooms are excellent additions to shepherds pie, stew dumplings, or even ground up and added to home baked bread.

As with all wild mushrooms, if you have never eaten this type of mushroom before I highly recommend only eating a small amount to begin with. Like any other food, you may have an allergy that you're unaware of.

Each lot will have 1.25oz of dried mushrooms. This many not sound like much, but when rehydrated there will be enough mushrooms for several meals. If you plan to use them in shepherds pie you will have enough to make roughly 15 single serve pies.

I dried the honey in two different ways this season. I have thin strips available, and I also did some larger petal pieces from some of the larger mushrooms as well as halves for some of the mid size mushrooms. If you have a preference please drop me a note when you check out. The strips will have a slightly sweeter flavor while the larger pieces will have a nutty flavor profile.

I did this after talking with several customers from last year. Some people want the larger mushrooms for side dishes while others prefer the smaller strips for adding to stews. If no choice is given at check out I will simply grab the next jar in line.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Thanks for looking & happy hunting!
(Per 1.25oz)
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