Mixed Berry jam infused with Harney and Sons Herbal Raspberry Tea is a delightful and vibrant creation. This jam combines a medley of succulent mixed berries with the herbal essence of raspberry tea, resulting in a burst of fruity flavors with a hint of herbal sophistication. The combination of berries such as strawberries, blueberries and blackberries brings a delightful blend of natural sweetness and tanginess. The infusion of herbal raspberry tea adds a unique twist, infusing the jam with a subtle earthy note and a gentle floral aroma. Spread it on toast, pair it with scones, or use it as a filling for pastries to enjoy the delightful symphony of mixed berries complemented by the herbal raspberry tea. Indulge in this Mixed Berry ft Herbal Raspberry Tea Jam and let the flavors transport you to a blissful culinary experience.
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Tea Jams
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Tea Jams
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Tea Jams are delicious organic fruit jams infused with Harney and Sons finest blends of tea. Tea Jams aren't just jams they are a flavor experience. Whether you put it on scones and toast in the morning, or folded into your yogurt and whip cream, maybe just with some hot water and ice for a fleshing iced tea. Tea Jams will be sure to elevate any occasion.
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