These bundles are made from 100% Indiana Mugwort. We lovingly harvest this from a public nature preserve nearby. Any stalks that are wilted or do not look to be vibrant, lively, and thriving are not chosen. Only the upper portions of the plants are harvested to ensure that the colonies will continue. These bundles are hand-tied with natural twine and dried. After drying, they are stored in an air-tight container in a cool, dry place.

Scientific Name: Artemisia vulgaris

Mugwort is an upright rhizomatous herbaceous perennial which grows 2-4' (less frequently to 6') tall, and in the right environments can spread aggressively. Some states consider it to be an invasive species.

One of the most striking characteristics of Mugwort is the silvery appearance of its lower leaf surface from tiny, densely-packed, wooly hairs. The leaves are arranged alternately on the stem and shallowly lobed closer to the ground but are deeply dissected and linear higher up with each lobe tapered to a point.

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